Golden Healing Ball

Guan Yin Concert, Part 1

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Guan Yin Concert, Part 1

This video contains:

In Part 1 of this beautiful and powerful concert, you will be serenaded by Master Sha singing the mission’s signature song of Love Peace and Harmony, a heart-touching and powerful duet of Master Sha and Master Maya singing a Guan Yin Mantra, a beautiful and profound musical piece by Master Chiang, and a pure song of Peace, from Master Marzena. Master Sha connects with Source to create a field of highest light and all performances carry Heaven’s profound frequencies and vibrations. As you enjoy the concert, you can enter a profound state of meditation and ask for blessings for any aspect of life in this powerful Source field.

Duration: 40:59

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Guan Yin and A Mi Tuo Fo Lineage Concert Package