Golden Healing Ball

Tao Jing Teaching, Part 2 – Lines 10 – 19

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Tao Jing Teaching, Part 2 – Lines 10 – 19

This video contains:

In this video, Master David teaches Line 10 – 19 of the sacred Tao text, Tao I – The Way of All Life. Teaching includes explanation of the sacred phrases, powerful chanting, healing, blessings and transformation of all aspects of life:

10. Tao Sheng Yi
Tao creates One

11. Tian Yi Zhen Shui
Heaven’s unique sacred liquid

12. Jin Jin Yu Ye
Golden Liquid, Jade Liquid (
Mother Earth’s sacred liquid)

13. Yan Ru Dan Tian
Swallow into the Lower Dan Tian

14. Yi Sheng Er
One creates Two

15. Tao Dan Tao Shen
Tao Golden Light Ball, Tao Heart Soul

16. Fu Wu Ren Lei
Serve all humanity

17. Fu Wu Wan Ling
Serve all souls

18. Fu Wu Di Qiu
Serve Mother Earth

19. Fu Wu Yu Zhou
Serve all universes

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