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Tao Jing Teaching, Part 3 – Lines 20 – 28

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Tao Jing Teaching, Part 3 – Lines 20 – 28

This video contains:

In this video, Master David teaches Line 20 – 28 of the sacred Tao text, Tao I – The Way of All Life. Teaching includes explanation of the sacred phrases, powerful chanting, healing, blessings and transformation of all aspects of life:

20. Zhi Yu Bai Bing
Heal all sickness

21. Yu Fang Bai Bing
Prevent all sickness

22. Fan Lao Huan Tong
Return old age to the health and purity of a baby

23. Chang Shou Yong Sheng
Long life, immortal

24. He Xie Ren Lei
Harmonize all humanity

25. Tao Ye Chang Sheng
Tao career flourishes

26. Gong De Yuan Man
Serve unconditionally and gain complete virtue to reach full

27. Wan Ling Rong He
All souls join as one

28. Dan Shen Yang Shen
Tao Dan, Tao Shen nourish kidneys

Duration: 33:39

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