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Tao Jing Teaching, Part 4 – Lines 29 – 40

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Tao Jing Teaching, Part 4 – Lines 29 – 40

This video contains:

In this video, Master David teaches Line 29 – 40 of the sacred Tao text, Tao I – The Way of All Life. Teaching includes explanation of the sacred phrases, powerful chanting, healing, blessings and transformation of all aspects of life

29. Er Sheng San
Two creates Three

30. San Wan Wu
Three creates all thingss

31. Tian Di Ren
Heaven, Earth, Human Being

32. Shen Qi Jing
Soul Energy Matter

33. Shen Sheng Jing
Kidney creates Jing

34. Jing Sheng Sui
Jing creates spinal cord

35. Sui Chong Nao
Spinal cord fills brain

36. Nao Shen Ming
Mind reaches enlightenment

37. Lian Jing Hua Qi
Transform Jing to Qi

38. Lian Qi Hua Shen
Transform Qi to Shen

39. Lian Shen Huan Xu
Transform and return Shen to Xu

40. Lian Xu Huan Tao
Transform and return Xu to Tao

41. He Tao Zhong
Meld with Tao

42. Wu Qiong Jin
The benefits for all life are endless

Duration: 23:09

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