Golden Healing Ball

Emotional Body

Learn how to heal the emotional body and all emotional imbalances with soul healing techniques, presented by Master Sha. Receive great wisdom and knowledge about the emotional body and emotional imbalances, including how they relate to different aspects of the soul, heart, mind and body. Learn to apply self-healing empowerments and receive amazing Divine Soul Song Blessings from Master Sha to accelerate the healing of your emotional body.

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Physical Body

Learn how to heal the physical body with soul healing and Divine Soul Song power, with Master Sha. These videos contain all the wisdom and practical techniques of Soul Mind Body Medicine in addition to Divine Soul Song Blessings to heal and rejuvenate our physical body. Learn self-healing and apply simple, effective soul healing techniques, including Divine Soul Songs and mantras, and receive powerful, amazing Soul Song Blessings from Master Sha to remove blockages to your physical body and heal and transform your health.

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