Golden Healing Ball

Tao Calligraphy, Sacred Book Videos (45 Part Series)

In this 45 Part Video Series of the Tao Calligraphy, Sacred Book Videos,  Master Sha takes each viewer through a healing journey while tracing the most sacred 45 calligraphies. These videos are a must have for all. This series includes calligraphies are for every purpose including healing of Health, Abundance, Spiritual Enlightenment and much more.

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Tao Normal & Reverse Creation

In this section of videos you will learn to write the eight sacred phrases of Tao Normal Creation and Tao Reverse Creation using the Yi Bi Zi Oneness writing technique. These powerful phrases will help you heal all aspects of life.

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Ten Da Qualities

The Ten Da are the 10 greatest qualities of the Divine, Tao and Source that we can embody to become more like them; to be true unconditional servants; to return to Oneness. The Ten Da Qualities are: Da Ai – Greatest Love, Da Kuan Shu – Greatest Forgiveness, Da Ci Bei – Greatest Compassion, Da Guang Ming – Greatest Light, Da Qian Bei – Greatest Humility, Da He Xie – Greatest Harmony, Da Chang Sheng – Greatest Flourishing, Da Gan En – Greatest Gratitude, Da Fu Wu – Greatest Service and Da Yuan Man – Greatest Enlightenment. Master Sha teaches to chant and write the Ten Da to become the Ten Da, to advance your soul journey and every aspect of life.

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