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Emotional Body

In these five-part video series, Master Sha guides you through simple steps based on traditional Chinese medicine to create your own Tao healing practices for emotional well-being.

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Physical Body

In these five- or six-part video series packages, Master Sha offers remote healing techniques for transforming pain and creating wellness in your physical body.

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How the Five Elements Work with Tao Healing

In traditional Chinese medicine, balancing the Five Elements of nature is a major key to healing. In Tao Healing, when you balance the jing qi shen in your physical body and emotional body (jing is matter, qi is energy, and shen is soul, heart and mind), you may achieve optimal health and well-being.

The Five Elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water) are categorized to include the internal organs, sensory organs, bodily tissues and fluids, and the emotional body.


The Five Elements support and nourish each other just as they do in the natural world. Wood ignites to start a fire, a fire produces ash, earth can be mined for metal, metal carries water (as in a bucket or a pipe) and plants grow from spring rain.

In the body, the Five Elements also support each other: A liver (Wood element) that has no blockages and has balanced matter, energy and soul will fully nourish the jing qi shen of the heart (Fire element). In the same way, a healthy heart will nourish the spleen (Earth element); a healthy spleen will support the lungs (Metal element); healthy lungs will nourish the kidneys (Water element); and healthy kidneys will help sustain the liver (Wood element).

How to Use Tao Healing Practices

Start by looking at the relationship between emotions and major organs in the body. Then use both the physical and emotional Tao Healing video practices to heal on the soul mind body levels.

For example, if you struggle with expressing anger in appropriate ways, your liver function may be impaired, which can cause stabbing pain in the body and headaches. You may benefit from practicing both the Tao Healing for Your Liver and Tao Healing for Anger video series.

Support, nourish and balance the Five Elements within your physical body and emotional body by practicing with all of the Tao Healing videos.

Tao Healings happen to people just like you. Commit to your physical health and emotional well-being by chanting and practicing Master Sha’s Tao Healing techniques daily. Practice in the shower, waiting in line, during breaks and before bedtime — it all adds up to getting well.

You have the power to heal yourself. Do a good job.